Welcome to Our Metalhead Family!

Welcome to Jason's Metal Family!

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A Place Where You Belong

We come together through metal music, but our community stretches beyond that. Metal is a lifestyle, and it runs through our veins! 

We're not mainstream and fit in with what most consider normal people.

And though we prefer the dark corners of the earth with blackened themes, we're also filled with passion and genuinely want to make the world a better place! 

So welcome, it's awesome to have you here!


Supporting Independent Metal Music

I'm 100% committed to YOU, giving you quality metal music that doesn't sound like every other band out there!

Of course, I listen to all these other But I pride myself on giving you something unique that stands apart from everything else, from music to my merch items. 

So thank you for supporting independent metal music!

I seriously appreciate your support in buying my albums and merch. That helps me continue giving you quality metal tunes, so I'm extremely grateful for you! 

Follow the Metal!

As I mentioned in the video, I want to give you the links where you can follow me for more metal! I love posting music daily for you to listen to and start your day with! 

This is where you can be part of giving me design feedback for album covers, new merch logos and items, and more! 

And I'm an extremely open dude, so I share a lot of my life with you as well! 

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Thank you again for being a part of my life and music!

And remember...


Keep it Metal!


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